Special Events at True Pilates Boston


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Art & core

December 1, 2018

A Body/Mind workshop designed to tap into the creativity that runs through all of us

Elana Jacobs is a Pilates instructor certified by Romana’s Pilates at True Pilates New York. She is also the Artistic Director of Chicago-based performance company CabinFever, and the facilitator/founder of Art & Core. In addition to teaching at highly regarded studios in New York, Seattle and Chicago, Elana also has been honored with invitations for Artist Residencies at Town Hall, Seattle; the Florsheim Mansion and Links Hall, Chicago; and internationally at Can Seratt in Barcelona and the Mudhouse Residency in Greece. Whether through film, music, dance, Pilates, or whatever medium may be readily available to her, Elana strives to find beauty from the moments otherwise known as “in between.” 

Art & Core is intended for Pilates practitioners, artists (writers, dancers, musicians, filmmakers, performers, etc.), and anyone interested in finding core strength while connecting to their creative trajectory. This 90-minute workshop will include Pilates exercises, guided meditation, writing prompts, personal goal setting, and community building. We will examine where our blocks are in the mind and in the body, and how to break through to a healthy artistic and physical practice. Open to all levels of core strength and/or artistic experience.

Followed by a 30-minute reception.

Cost: $50. (Sliding scale available for working artists.)


a weekend with sonje mayo

september 21-23, 2018

Sonje is a world-renowned instructor who had the great privilege of being taught personally by Joseph Pilates himself, as well as his student Romana Kryzanowska.

Event attendees including instructors, apprentices, and Pilates enthusiasts enjoyed private lessons and group mat classes. Continuing education workshops for Pilates instructors covered:

  • Dealing with Osteoporosis

  • Cleaning up the Reformer

  • Being Creative on the Spine Corrector

  • The Vertical Pelvis on the Tower/Cadillac

WORKSHOPS with cynthia shipley

October 21-22, 2017

Cynthia is a Romana’s Pilates Level II Instructor revered for her warmth and passion. In addition to her tireless work teaching basic and intermediate seminars and mentoring apprentices for Romana’s Pilates, she presents workshops several times a year, both nationally and internationally. 

Practitioners enjoyed a group mat class and two workshops:

  • The Extra Tools: Magic Circle, Foot Corrector, Breath-a-cizer, and more

  • The Magic of the Mat: Connecting the Reformer and the Mat