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A Weekend with Sonje Mayo

September 22-23, 2018

True Pilates Boston is honored to be hosting Sonje Mayo for a weekend of classes and workshops geared toward instructors, apprentices, and Pilates enthusiasts.  This is a rare opportunity to hear from a world-renowned instructor who had the great privilege of being taught personally by Joseph Pilates himself, as well as his student Romana Kryzanowska.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Private and Duet appointments available upon request

11AM Group Mat Class - By reservation.  Open to the Public  $35

1 - 3PM  Workshop: Dealing with Osteoporosis $200 ($175 before August 1)

This will cover the causes and consequences of osteoporosis, known as the ’silent disease’.  Not all exercise is appropriate for people with osteoporosis due to the fragility of their vertebrae.  Learn about the optimal exercises and life changes that are required to live with osteoporosis.

Open to Pilates instructors (2 CECs) and health professionals of all disciplines. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

8:30 - 9:30AM Teachers-only Group Mat Class  $35, or free to workshop attendees

9:45AM - 4:30PM Three Mini-Workshops  $400 ($350 before August 1)

  • The Vertical Pelvis on the Tower/Cadillac  This workshop takes a critical look at how to achieve an essential aspect of the Pilates method.  The Tower/Cadillac workout was developed as an invaluable method of strengthening, lengthening and focusing the client on their particular needs.  The correct neural connection can then be applied to the Mat and Reformer, which will facilitate the flow.
  • Being Creative on the Spine Corrector  As the name implies, the Spine Corrector is a superb tool to correct the spine by strengthening, lengthening and creating awareness.  The shape of the barrel stimulates proprioception and provides the neural feedback to enhance one’s Pilates practice.
  • Cleaning up the Reformer This workshop will address the precision and attention to detail that Joe Pilates demanded on the reformer.  Intended to help teachers understand progression, provide good imagery cues and to develop the teacher’s critical eye.

For certified Pilates instructors.  (6 Peak CECs and PMA credits.) 

Contact us or mail deposit of $100 to reserve your spot.  Full payment is due by August 1 in order to receive discounted pricing.  No Refunds will be made after September 1.

Past Events

A weekend with cynthia shipley

October 21-22, 2017

Cynthia is a Romana’s Pilates Level II Instructor revered for her warmth and passion. In addition to her tireless work teaching basic and intermediate seminars and mentoring apprentices for Romana’s Pilates, she presents workshops several times a year, both nationally and internationally.  True Pilates Boston was pleased to host her in October 2017.

Practitioners enjoyed a group mat class and two workshops:

  • The Extra Tools: Magic Circle, Foot Corrector, Breath-a-cizer, and more
  • The Magic of the Mat: Connecting the Reformer and the Mat



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