The True Pilates Boston Difference

All Pilates is not the same. We can show you the difference.

At True Pilates Boston, our goal is to teach the Pilates method as true as possible to its original intent: as a series of ‘corrective’ exercises. Pilates provides a full-body workout with an emphasis on carrying the principles learned into daily activities and movement. Whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior, carpool captain or desk jockey, young or old, Pilates will improve your posture, enliven your spirit, and challenge your mind. You may even meet a friend or two.

We specialize in private and semi-private instruction in order to provide you the personalized attention not available in a large-group format. By developing a program best suited to your physical needs and fitness goals, you are able to achieve better results in a shorter time frame.  

We are a fully-equipped studio offering Gratz apparatus and believe that one simply cannot achieve the same results from other equipment manufacturers. Each Gratz piece is hand-crafted according to Joseph Pilates’ original vision and exacting specifications. This ensures the exercises are performed according to their intended purpose and for maximum results.

Our teachers are carefully screened and have undergone the most rigorous training and certification programs in the industry. Again, there is a difference.