New Students

New to Pilates? Reacquainting yourself after an extended break? We offer new students a 3-class introductory package which focuses on the Reformer and Mat work and the basic principles of the Pilates method. These introductory lessons provide the basis for designing a personalized program for your continued work in the studio. Come and let the transformation begin.

Experienced Practitioners

We offer private, duet, and small group sessions tailored to individual needs and fitness goals. Our studio is equipped with Gratz reformers, towers, barrels, chairs, cadillac, pedi pole, and other apparatus.

PRIVATE SESSIONS Individually-tailored lessons are executed over a variety of apparatus and designed to address your specific body needs. One-on-one sessions with our expert instructors are the best way to help you achieve optimal results.  

DUETS/TRIOS/QUARTETS  Book with partners or let us match you with other practitioners with similar experience and fitness levels. These small group sessions of two to four people with one instructor are for those with some knowledge of the Pilates method and apparatus, and are recommended after you have had at least three to five private sessions. Standing group sessions are a cost-effective way to supplement your practice and require a commitment to regular attendance at your appointed time slot. 

TOWER/MAT OPEN GROUP - ALL LEVELS  Up to five students can join in these open sessions, which should be pre-booked and are based on availability. While the Mat is the "heart and soul" of the Pilates method, the Tower is designed to lengthen your body and develop toned, lean muscles. This format adds some of the spring and bar work traditionally performed on the Cadillac – a client favorite. (Requires two-student minimum or subject to cancellation.)

REFORMER TRIO CLASS The Reformer Trio is a semi-private session focusing on learning how to use your powerhouse for improved strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. Lessons on the "Universal Reformer" as designed by Joseph Pilates teach you the settings and spring resistance specific to YOUR body in a safe and supported environment not always available in large group settings. No playlists, no jamming tunes. We are committed to helping you focus on form and alignment, to feel healthier and leaner, and to hopefully have some fun along the way. Requires prior Pilates experience.

MAT EXPRESS  This express class packs the essential Mat work into a 45-minute session designed to strengthen your core, tone your muscles, and energize you for the rest of the day. Incorporates Pilates props such as arm weights or magic circle. Appropriate for all ages and levels. (Not currently offered.)

PILATES FOR DRESSAGE  From the studio to the saddle, Pilates for Dressage® is a proven rider training program that teaches you, the rider, how to do what you need to do to ride better. The program incorporates the classical Pilates mat repertoire with an an education for the rider on seat, position and the bio-mechanics of riding. Please contact us for further details.